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This academic project challenged me to design for AR. I decided to make an app dedicated to helping people take care of their houseplants.

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Project Description

This project was created for an academic assignment. I was tasked with coming up with an AR application from the ideation phase to a high-fidelity prototype. In a world increasingly reliant on AR/VR, it is important to stay up-to-date on design trends and be able to work in different systems. This project was made with the Apple Vision Pro in mind, using Apple’s design components and minimalist, clean design aesthetic. When deciding what to design, I looked at my own interests. As an aspiring “plant mom”, I landed on an AR app dedicated to teaching people about how to take care of houseplants. Fernish was born!

Before I started designing, I played around with current VR/AR applications. A lot of time was spent with an Oculus headset on. I took notes on the types of hand gestures that were used with a VR headset, and what haptics I’d want to include (if any).

After playing around, the first thing I did was collect information from potential users. I created a set of questions that would help guide my designs. For example, I know I struggle with knowing how much sunlight plants should get, but a lot of the potential users I interviewed struggled with knowing when to water their plants.

Next, I used the information I had gathered to begin designing. I created a moodboard to develop the overall look and feel of my app. From there, I began sketching out designs on different paper mockups. AR posed an interesting challenge, of having to design in a 3D space but still getting the initial work done in 2D.

After sketching, I began designing in Figma. I continually got feedback from my design professor on how to improve the app, until I ended up with a final iteration that I was pleased with. Since it is still in Figma, my goal is to eventually partner up with a few programers and try to get this in an actual headset!

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